“I’m in the city”

Hot Richard delights in surprising me. Even when I’m working, he sends videos, photos, links and then he just turns up.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-21-08-13The Date
VenueCrab Tavern 
Location – Broadgate Circle – EC2M 2QS
Atmosphere – At 3pm on a Tuesday, non-existent: there are no other patrons – just Hot Richard, me and the sexual tension

Hot Richard calls me to tell me that he’s been at a meeting in the city and he’d like to see me. Without hesitation, I tell him the address of my building, and he tells me to meet him outside in 5 minutes. This kind of spontaneity is unheard of in the London dating scene.

I grab my bag, head down, and stand outside the building. He calls me, talking to me as he ambles down the street towards me: 6’4, in a suit, handsome as ever. I feel exactly the same way I did last time, overwhelmed by the fact that this stunning man wants to kiss me. I’m blinded by my lust for him; subconsciously I know that I’m ignoring some pretty major red flags with this man.

We fall into step and walk without a defined purpose through the city. Talking, furtive glances, and open admiration of each other. I’m wearing heels, and he still towers over me, making me feel slight, feminine and attractive.

We walk to a bar in Broadgate Circle – the Crab Tavern. It’s a nice bar, but we only order a drink and sit in the corner out of the sun. It’s a hot day, Hot Richard is hungover from the Notting Hill carnival that he over-indulged at the day before. He grumbles about the price of soft drinks in comparison with alcoholic ones, even though I offered to pay. Our conversation is somewhat stilted because of his hangover, but he takes my hand, he plays with my fingers and my nails, and I enjoy his company anyway.

I have to go back to work, so he walks me back to the office and kisses me on the lips outside the building. I don’t mind who sees.

Once I get back to my desk, he has sent me a message:

That was without doubt the highlight of my day


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