Accidental cocktails

The only reason I end up going on this date is that I forget to cancel it. I’ve spent the night before with Will the Designer, (who I’m not sure if I like) but it has been suggested to me by friends that I should cut down on my dating in order to give it time to see if I do or not. Perhaps my subconscious is less convinced, because I’ve forgotten to cancel Anthony. Not wanting to be impolite, I decide to go along.

Employment – owns his own recruitment agency
Age – early thirties
Nationality – British… I think. His accent is somewhat tricky
Interests – I guess drinking…? I honestly don’t remember
Source – Happn
Anatomy – Attractive, receding hairline, taller than me


VenueThe Flight Club
Location – Worship Street
Activities – Drinking/Darts
Atmosphere – Busy – full of post-work city workers.

I’m late because I’ve been busy (drinking) at work, but he’s relaxed and in good spirits when I arrive at the bar he’s suggested we meet at. As it’s Thursday night, the place he suggested (Singer Tavern on the corner of Worship Street) is absolutely heaving, and he suggests that we try the Flight Club for a drink instead.

The Flight Club is also busy, but we fight our way to the bar and manage to get a drink relatively quickly. Good progress. He’s more attractive than he seemed in his pictures, which is unusual. I’m wearing flats, because I have a phobia of arriving on a date and being taller than him, and he doesn’t specify his date on his profile, but he’s taller than me, so I needn’t of worried.

I must just interject here and say that I’m a regular, feminine 5’3, but there is an awful lot of heightism in online dating, which causes stress on both parts. Unless I know for sure that my companion for the evening is above six foot, I’m likely to wear flats just to be on the safe-side.

The Flight Club is an excellent venue for a date, if you had 3 months of warning to book a dart board and an area. As far as I’m aware, it’s not standard practice for most online daters to put this much foresight into a date, so it’s probably more for the likes of friends, those who are in a relationship, or on a work event.

We have a quick drink at the Flight Club, and then decide to find somewhere a bit quieter to chat. I’m willing to give this a go, he’s attractive, interesting, we have some things in common (mostly work-related). I dislike that Anthony hasn’t organised a proper date; he’s very relaxed, which is great, but I need a bit of direction from a man in order to find him attractive. Nevertheless, we wander along Worship Street and stumble into this absolute gem of a date venue:


VenueThe Whistling Shop
Location – Worship Street, near Liverpool Street
Activities – Experimental cocktails, live music
Atmosphere – Busy enough to feel anonymous and atmospheric for a first date. Booking a table is advised if you want to guarantee a table, but we didn’t have a reservation and we had no trouble.

The Whistling Shop is one of the best date venues I’ve been to recently. The cocktail waiter comes over and explains the menu to us (it does need some explanation, it looks more like an astrology diagram than a cocktail menu). This gives the impression that we’re enjoying more of an experience together than we are having a normal drink. That’s important when you go on as many dates as I do.

We talk and drink a lot. There’s not a huge volume of cocktails to choose from, but they use interesting and alternative ingredients, so there’s plenty to talk about. I particularly enjoy one which includes goats cheese, and tastes like a cheesecake.

Conversation flows, we laugh, kiss and chat. I feel relaxed in the knowledge that Anthony and I won’t be seeing each other again. It’s a nice evening, and although kissing feels like the right thing to do, there’s no true chemistry between us. Perhaps it’s a testament to the quality of the Whistling Shop that we feel the impulse to kiss at all.

At the end of the evening, we exchange empty promises to see one another again. In contrast to some other dates, Anthony and I do exchange a couple of texts in the following few days, but without any real ambition to meet up.


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