Temporary lovers, permanent friends

The good thing about online dating is the volume of people you can meet, and inevitably the connection you have with them is varied and different relationships fulfil different needs.

Occasionally we all need some intimacy; we need an uncomplicated connection with someone that you respect, like and trust, but maybe don’t feel romantically inclined towards. Like a human comfort blanket. And that’s where my setup with The Politician comes in.

The Politician
Employment – 
Something to do with politics
Age –
mid thirties
Nationality – 
Interests –
Swimming, kinky sex. 
Source – 
Anatomy –
Handsome, strong upper body from all that swimming. 

It’s ten thirty on Tuesday night. I’ve been at a work function all evening, and then I grab an uber over to a hotel near Kings Cross. I arrive, hammered, flirtatious and feisty. He greets me in the corridor, and we kiss. As soon as we’re inside the hotel room, we remove each other’s clothes as though by ritual, and lay on the bed. I tease him, I flirt with him, I kiss him and he holds me in his arms.

But there is no pretence that we are, or ever will be in love.

We have an open, honest dialogue and we speak every day, but The Politician and I will never fall in love with one another. On our first date, I think that was a disappointment for both of us, but we’re past that. We can both accept that this is a convenient, probably short-term arrangement until one of us finds someone to love ‘for real’.

But the friendship, the support and the platonic love, that’s for keeps. Sometimes you need that more than anything else. We won’t always be lovers, but we will always be friends.



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